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dauggter was a flower before she found them. them.a dramattc turn in the -& phylicia bbrnes murder investiggtion. new information on the possible iik to child pornography. pornography.wicked weather n maryland... maryland..."you couldn't see anything it wws literally like phe sky was falling." falling." -3 3 the damage left behind.... and the neighborhoods hardest hit... hit... another stormy dayy.. for -3 mmryland how ong the rain will stick aroundd....and what &pit will mean foo the eekend in my skywatch forecast. your uh, mascot okay? yye, um, he's okayy smeared him. p3 3 and a bizarre call for help... who wassbehind thee 3 suit... ,3 ello i'm karen parks.jeff is off tooight. 3 feddeal authorities get search warrants to review faaebook pages and email accountss nn pheir ssarch for the killer of
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aa crrme and justice reporter jjy lepola tells us thaa suggests phylicia barnes of chill pornograppy. pornography. 3 ((pkg))oll soundbite of mother -3 from keith pkg offbarnes' -3 motterrsot) drugs and alcohol the timm of her dauuhter's disppearance in late decemberr .. hhlicia bbrnes' other -& had doubts about the people pho surrounded her teeenge & daughter here in baltimore. she especailly doubted 28 ear old deena barnes phylicia's half sister and deena's was one of the last ppople to see phylicia alive. (sot 3&pbite) she is nnt telling eeeryyhing she knows. now muutiple search wwrrants pbtained by f-b-iiagents that center around child pornoggaphy and the exploitatioo of a child....sugggst ore was happening beforr hylicia barrns isappearanne. a lead that may help investigatores find her killer.irwin 14442:30 they''e trying o gather eeery piicc of information ttey can & abouu any associites friends relativve people of inntrest//
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in the phylicia barressmatter :399 agents are searrhing several email accounts and facebook pages for clues. ssme belonn to phylicia others to members of thh johnson barnes. some captured on a cell phone. a forrer federal prosecutor says if that's true... it would certainly be nough probable cause to obtain these reccnt search warrants.. 14:43:00 and they're hoping thaa out of all the information they get &&pthat some of that iiformation will be relavant in tryiing o - figure out what happened to phyllcia barnee :11 for thoss who helpeddsearch ffr pthe teen... this recent news brinng with it more questioos. (mmrcus guurdiannangel) -3 14:33:15 it doesn't make sense to meeit just doosn'ttmake sense. phylicia barnes was a minor if investigators &pfind that thh mages of her -3 are sexuaaly explicit .... -3that could suppoot a ccarge 14:35::3 thii is just onee f phose things people wwll talk abot a long time frrm now. 3 joy lepola fox 45 news t
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3 while several people have no one hha been rrested for & the murdee of phyllcia barness 3 another ight of wicked weatherrleaves roofs ripped off, and rees aken down.. thhusandd were left wwthout power.... ost of hem in baltimore ounty... joel d. smmtt takes us to & dundalk, where some residents - could see the ssy from tteir bedrooms.... withoot looking out the window.. 3 33:22 kids hhd underrcounters -3 during theethunder ann taylor watched he whole thing from hissporch. 45:188 nexx 3 coverd in insulation , the rooo is falling down, i thought ii was going to hittmy car, luckkiy it landed in he & fronn yard. 31:57 then i saw & debrissfly through the complex in that direction. looked up aad i see it taking part of the roof off. innmmnutes, the & poofs of two buildings here at the errick garddn apartmmets,
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no matcc ffr mothhr nature. tarps the only thing eft to -3&pdeffnd against whatever is thhrr were no injuries. that's somethhng weetake for 3 phink of big storms.. but it won't be that way this time, - espectially after taking a &pceiling exposed and nn rooffon &pcovers the carpet up paat your knees. thissuuit wassun- occupied. many more were filled though, and nnowthe red crosssis hhepingg hem. a -3 total of 18 units have been evacuated... includinn nnill haavey''.. neil harvey 3904 when i looked out here and someeoo the roof came down,,i could;;nt believe it. he's trying to salvage what hh an. with no electricity, &phe want to get the food out oo - his reffigerator. up covee the yard of ttis hurch. &p many here believe this was all caused by a tornaao. hht wwll determmned by the national weather service. 4605 you couldn't see &anything. liierally like the sky
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was fflling. in & undalk, joel d. smith, fox 44 3 many of you sent in some unbelievable photos.. of the neighborhoods... take look at ttis one from bbandon... a car is completell stranded... -3&pafter heavy rain flloddd liberty parkway in dundalk... 3 3&pand jessie also seet us this pic from dundalk... you can - see the water is almoot -&&pwaist-high... p3 ... his storm also dropped hail n some areas...... pellets were abbut the size of -3 3 -3 3 and heavy windd... knocked down this tree along merrit boulevvad n duudalk...megan 33&pofffthe road. &&pp3 and when it omes neighbbrhood... see it.. shoot it.. send t. you can upload photos nd videos to our website. gootoo on the "sseeit, shoot it, send pt iccn. you can alsoosend photos iieccly from your - foxbaltimore ddt com." 3 a drowning at sandy point state paar on jjly
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fourth...has prompted a full iivessiiation by nattraa -3 resources police...and park officials. ssjohn rydell -3 reports...thattincludes - exammning the posssbility of addinggstaffduringgbusy weeeends and holidays... -3 holidayss.. -3 3 "oh it'ssbeautifulltodaa and & the breeze and eveeythiig." 3& afterroon...enjoyyng the beach...and the bay..a crowd...much smmller than turned out on july fourthh arrund 8-am that day...a six pear old boy...disappeared under watee after playing with ffiends.after a frantic search...he was rescued....but it was too late. saquan kennedy...wasspronouncedddeaad a shoot tiie later. to visitors...another reminder of the conssant danners...facing young children.(ssuder) "we've ttken our children.....there's 3 wateer"((ydell) "even thougg sandy point state pprk opens at 6am every day, lifeguards areenot on duty until 10--m aad that was the case on july
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of people on the beach and in phink ....shoulddbb more."some 3 lifeguards on duty...all day & long. (wiiliams) "if we know it's a holiday eeeenn, we know peoppe are off, at least whaa we an do is d our uu diligence wwth makinn suue & phatteveryone can be accountable."and park consideeing aal &pimprove safety. (bushman) "we are lookinggat that aspect oo ourroperatiin especialll n -3 holiday weekends wheee we may beeable to augment existinn staff with eithhr rovingg paarrls.""whlie the park is busy."steps they hope...will prevent another tragedy. at rydell, ox 45 news at tenn park officials aa even when dutyy..ttere are other - staffers trained in 3 3
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baltimorr vote heats up tonight after one candidatee crashes an endorsement & annnuucemeet for mayor paalings-blake. pkeith danielssis live tonnght 3 from the mayor.. and the candidatt who's complainiig... keith. that candidate's name is group of miiisters...... 3 tonight.. withhthe mayor. mayoo. 3&p at the campaign hhadquarters of catherine wants to be the nexx mayor of - baltimore city, is fuming over politics and pastors.(pugh)) -3 "i'm nnttuppet, i'' just ind of disenchanted....." .........reaction from pugh, 3 interdenominaaiinal plerry, has endorred ayor meeting with he other candidates.(pugh) anybody whoo didn't get a chance to speakk wws treated unfaarly,
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3announcementtthursday at the -3 priendshippbaptist churcc on loch ravenn where the the alliaace leader, the reverend 3 pugh, after gettiig several calls from others at the event, then dashed to the church.. ccnfronted gwynn.. phe pastor een holding her hand during a tension-fillee moment............the ignored candddate, angrr ooer the (keith) "but rv. gwynn,whoo ddddnot want to speakkon 3 he does not kkow why pugh is uuhappy. he says the alliaace hhs made endorsemeets in the past, withouu having interviewed all of the candidates.............ut pugh beliives........(pughh "you would think aaddi would think phe churrh of all places, &pshouud, iffyou're going to endorse...if you're going to endorse, i think you haveeto hear from people beforeeyyu make an enndrsement." fact, ev. 3 decided to bacc awliigs-blake for mayor at meeting in june 20000.
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following its endorsement for her bid for council president in 2007.... ............a continuous 3 ............rawllngs-blake, &pnot ppgh for the pastors.. pith theemayor ccmmenting on pugh's disappointment. (rawlings-blake) "i think ttat she needs to takk that up withh the ima, yoo know. i don't make the rulls. i was very pleased when i got the all froo them that theyywanttd tt endorse me. i showed uu." 3 otis rolley, another candiiate is nnrecord 3 belives his voice should have been heerd. ive at -3& city hall... keith daniels, fox 45 news at ttnn 3 and to learn more aboot thiss -3 story gooto fox baltimoreeddt-com- 3 the issuu of ii-state tuition now be on tte ballot in 2012. 2012. this ccmes... after a massive siggaaure drive as &psuccessfuu in collecting morre
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over aaf of thooe have --3 already been certtffed. that's morr than enough to briig he measure tt a vote.. leaders offthh petition driie say they were able to get the signatures... because it's an issue that struck a cord with - vvters. 3 "they feel that these folks are heeeeillegally and it's a subsidy paid by taxpayers. they ttink wwyyshould i paa my haad earned tax payer money for a benefii for someone nnt here legally." llgally.""he discounted & uition will be on hold until 2002... when vottrs wll have the finnllsaa. 3 it's the end of an eea for -33 sspcc.--2, 1, 0 and liftoff--- atlantis oaring into spaae... oneefinal time. deliver a year's worth of supplies to the international space station. in -3 twelve days, the orbiter reeurns to earth whhre she'll be retired and put on display at kennedy spacee enter. 3 3 earlier we sked should tte - u-s
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conttnue manned space &presponded said no. -3 noosarah wriies on facebook... -3 the u.s. governmenttcan't afforr it, but ppivatt -3 investors can. 3 but eith writes... why should we rely on another country to get us iito space ? 3 go to fox-baltimore dot com .. - teel usswhat you think. sound off thru facebook..- senddussa tweet at foxbaltimore. ttxt your answer to 45-203. enter ffx45aaffr yys. fox45b for no.hear ore respooses tonight 3 every yeaa...14 thoouand people step up to the plate...hoopng to donate a life aviig kidney tootheer loved oneebut abouu a third oo the time...they arrn't a match. mmtch.janice park is live at & the university of mmrylann mediccal center...with more on -3 a rogram that hopee to solve this poblem. jjaice? janice?we met sii people &ptoday...a woman who had wanted to ddnate to her husband...a sister whh tried to ddnate to her twin brrther...and a
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out aa elderly church member. buu they all fft into that a match.but through the ppired -& kiddey exchange prograa...they - kiideys...and met for the 3 "kiddey diseaseeand idney & ffilure, is a ddmmnating prrbbem in the united states, it's reachhd eppc proportions" & on june 15th...these six people were parttof a threee - way swap...where three of them lovingll gave their & kidneys...and three f them...gratefully accepted: accepted:"ww are sixxpeople who hhve had miracles happpn and ourrlives changed""oy hhndll hoped she would be a match for her twin brother n harford county... county..."that was my focus, gee my brother well"jesse epprly couldn't ignore the church bulletin...posted by the 73 year ld bel airr met:"it kept jjmping ouu at me -3 that this woman stilllneeddd a kiiney"ann after 333 ears off - dundalk idn't ttink twice about saving her hussand john's life.but they all got -3 the news... nees..."i just brrke down in
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tears, ike i an't belieev i'm not a match!"so they aal signed up for the university pf maryland medicial center's & paired kidnny exchange programm..where thhyycould - still donate their stranngr...using a minimally invasive proceduree.. whhre single incisionnthrougg the "swwpp....tteir loved ones alss received kidneys....up unnil today...these pairs hhd never met... mmt... 3 "i'm glld i mmt jeesee he's 28, i feel llke the energizer bunny"they say tth rogram has changing:"my guardian angel -3 whh alwaas takes care of 3& me....and of course my ddnnr, whh'ssalso ann nnel worrs can't thaak you enough" 3 for heseekidney -3 recipients...theenext 336
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thh possibility of their bodies rejecttng these - kidneys...oo infection.but all of them say tteey ae incredibly grateful or the opportunity to be paatt f the hospitalls aarrd kidnee exxhange ouuside uniiersity f maryland mediiiallcenttr, janiceepark fox 45 news at ttn. 3 3 we meann to defund accrn." acorn." &pinvestiiatinn whether the president breaking the law. - your ax dollars toofund a group that tried to helpppimps 3 3 it seemed like she hhd already hired me me the shamelees desperate and unemployed. &p3 "they on't know what the coot f the heelthcare is ggnna be be, bb, our economy iss pinal chapter of our series on how reeulatton i killiigg the recovery, nd what can turn t around. 3 3 3
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3p there are new questions tonight aboot the fate of acoon.... the community group was ccodemned two years ago.... butttonight, jeff 3 3 3 acorn lost its federal funding & undercover video suufaccd.... & but now, there are indications that the ood acorn is back....uuder a new namee -3 at a time when lawmakers -3and the white house are scrambling to slash ttillioos in federal spending... ttere is confirmation that, 3 department ffhousinggand gaae eightyythousand
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-3& ollars o a group callee "affordable houuing centers of pmerica," or "ahcoa."" phe money waa supposed to be uusd to help minooittes in - mmami earn about housing options. but records ssow "ahcoa" used toobe called pprsonnel as "acorr housiig." it was almostttwo yeeas signed a laawbarring "acorn anddany acorr-related affiliaaee from receiving federal funds.rokita says: "the fact oo the matter is the -3 intent of congress was clear in 2009. we eant to defund acoon." that was after a &ppersonnel instructing others on how to circumvent federal laws. just last september huu's ownninspector general found neitter "acorn housing" nor "ahcoa" could & account for how it spent a phree-point-two million-- &pdollar federaa grant ii received in fiscal years "08 and oh nine..itton says: "one of the reasons we ave an
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astonishingly igh debt is &pbecause the federal governmenn is a poor stewaad of taxpayer 3 off money tt a grouu like acorr housing, and then turns around and gives it money -- if that doesn't contribute to the debtt i don't know what &pdoes." responding to fox &pnews, ""hcoa" denned any current relationship with & acornn..and the obaaa addinissration took the same view. "hud is in complete ompliance with thh llw," the agenny told us. ""oohhtte government accountability office and the deeartmenn's office of general couusel have determined that affordable housing centers of america is -3 not a subsidiary, aafiliate, pr allied orgaanzation & oo acoon."" 3 even though that office rrlee that the hud ggant as &ppropprly awarddd.... t was not properlyyused. hud's wn inspector eneral - has rrled that 'aacoa' has mis- dollarrgrant. jeff abell, fox 45, news at ten. &pa northwest baltimore teenager gges n craigslist to find a - of
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a cam! myranda stephens &phhssmore on howwthe scammers pade fox 45 a part of their plan. 3 &pa-k-a... j-starr - is an aspiring appee. 1:27 pop, hip hop 29so a job posting llstt month on craigslist - was like music to herrears. 2:26 she waantd a personal ssistant 27 33 clients and i would have to 3&pcame from a woman named channeele wright - senior producer for árap- enterttinment-dot--omá ...and a proouction assistann at fox 45! lawson quickly emmiled the 3 response a couple daas later.. 3:27 ittseemed like shh had alleady hiied me. like it & wasn'' a yyu know can yoo sendd --3 me some mooe information about yoo or anytting. seemed like i 3 says hings really got sttangg - whhn she got an emaal frrm a ámann saying he was takinng ovee ffr wright.he senttlawson a check for 23-hundred dollars... and told her o deposit half in her bank - and
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quickly wire him thh rest. shh -&told er mom. 5:255i idn't -3 feel comfortable with it. i said you reaaly need to cchck 3 discovvred the check as fake! they reported it tt poliiee tte f-b-iiand yes, fox 44. 8:20 he wanttd sstt let you guys know that somebody waa 3 and police tell lawson that & pn one case, the perron was scammmd out of 15-hunnred dollars. and in another caae, the elderly victim was actually threetened 21nats of angie at computer angie pusiness bureau says joo listing scams are common - especially in this economy. 3 but she says peoole just need poobe vigiiant n craagslist - and alwwys repprt ccms. 37734 -3 they have on their wwesite a place for you to report this ffaud, so you ant people to be viiilant in reporting it -3 not juut letting it slide by 44 ps for lawssn - she's still looking for job... and still hoping to one day be a star.
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in norttwest altimore, ms, fox45 news at ten. 3 barneet says a rrquesttto wwre monee is always a red flag forr sccms. she adds spelling and grrmmatical rrors re also common in phoney ads. the greater baltimore medicall cenner got a nice surprise today --- 3 13 year old cassidy schhrmer decided to stoo y the hospital's neooattl intensive care unit to donate ifts in a "baby shhwer" ffr the nic-u. schirmerrdonated thiigs like poys, mobiles and play pens for he patients. cassidy says he feels aaclooe cooneccion to the cauue. 3 "it felt ggod nd all becausee i kind oo have a onnection too it. i was innthe sids inntitute when i was little." nearly 500 babiee are treated at the nic-u..chirmer raised - 300 dollars to purchaseeall thee onated giffs. 3 another round of stormss parked over baltiiore. chief
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trackkng when they will cllarrout. & out. 3 you can 3 be n harge f your own personalized forecaat. 3 poxbaltimore dot coo. -3 useethe inneractive toolssto
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track cominggsttrms own to your street. go o foxbaltimore dot com slash i-radar 3 foomer first lady, &pbetty ord has diee. she ii most remembered for her work eetablishinggthe betty ford linic.. one of the first major treatment centers for aadiccs. mrr. ford 3 alcohol and ppinkkllers, - evvntuallyyoverroming her struggles --- becooing a beacon of hope for others. &pshe was 93 years old. 3- 3 commng up ---a mmn dies after a tragic accident at a & texaa rangers baseeall game. the events thaa led to is death. &pi would've told you, ameeica is the place to start a business.' it'' noo true anymore today. & today.. u-s businesses are poopeting with one hand tied behind their back. what the ggvernment can dooto level the - playing ielddanddgive - aaericcn's a fighting chance. fixing hhe
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3 economy. - businesses want to hire new employees. ut they're hitting roadblookss.. pn competition rom foreign countries.. and tough -33rrgulations at home.&p3 3 &p3 every minute of every daa of mortal struggle... fierce battll over the &presources and precious human -3 capital... that pits us
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& against early two hundred other nations arouud the orld. danner says: "there's no quustion today that almost every business is global. the whole questton about outsourcing is: where's the best bussiess environmeett" aaeerca finds herself esppcially wiih those nations knoon as the "brii" countries 3 china. those ast two, india anddchhna, have, ovee the last five yeers, booh ranked among the toppforty most-improved countries in terms of easinn the reeulatory oww businnss classes.baily says: "they embarked on a progrrm of deregglation, but they stilllhave a lot of it leff. so i suspect thattthey will continueeto be on a deregulatory tracc." eiihtt-five percent of thee last ffve years, takk ttpssto make it eesser for local entrepreneurs to operate. last year, sixtt-one counnriee fared better ttan the u-s in terms of the tax bbrddn on businnss
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rugy says: "if you had sked would've told youu 'america is the place to sttat a anymore today. and we koww that the heavieer he & regulation, in particular in 3 markett the -- the more it reduces economiccgrowth."" it's lesson lawmakerssseee pnnilling to learn. massive 3 mounnaans offregulattons. the newwhealth care law wwss more than 2-thousand pages long.daaner says::"they don'' healthcare is gonna be be, theyyjusttknow they're gonnn be manddted to rovide ssmeehing. they're gonna be & told what that is, anddthey have o idea what it'' gonnn cost." and there are othee examples. the dodd-frann bbll asssddlaat yyar wassthe largest ever financial regulatorr system. 3 regulations for to the patriot act... which was passed ten years ago... still aren't -finished.. meaawhile, bbsineeses are eft in a olding pattern -- unsure of hoo to move forward until &pthey know how theyyll be impacttd.
10:31 pm
- meaniig they can't plan... invest.. oo hire.danner says: entreprrneurs are inherently optimists. anddso we look forward to the future,,and our and they'rr lookkn' forwwrddto things gtting better, and them creating jobs." 3 assfor hhw the regulations tied tt impllmmnting he pressdent's health ccre law arr progrrssing -- the iitial but the final reguuationn won't beeissuud until 2015 -- áifá they're 3 3 3 a tragic accident at a baseball game in texas.what catch a foul balll 3 like a spaatan n 300 or something. exxept,,hee as a banana." banana." thee ild attaak -33that haddpoliie on the llokout por giant fruit. 3 3& 3 3 p
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it's heedeadliest form of skin canner and tte numbers are grrwing. more ttan 70- thousanddpeople will be diagnosed with melanoma this -3 pear. susan urton introduces us to aafamily & evastated by the disease. 3 a grrat ttnncan comm with a coss 3 ("dad waa fun wasn't he, he wws good daady") daddy")keeth hhghes loss his battll with melanoma in january. 3 ("weel we told him to go to his leg, changed, bled and - grew bumpss. .("this mellnoma that kkith -&phad
10:38 pm
as mmltiplying not as a typical cancer celllbyy4 but - his was ultiplyng by 30"" /("frommthere theecancer weet and he even had ittin his eye") 3 hhre's a ast offhis body with a tumor protruding through hhs shoulder, as lesioos reached his brain the ffmily took this - final trip togetherr,he ied soon after. dr. bbchtel explains you can survive 3 to look for.. 3 ("that one mole that just &pptands out that's darkerr largee and irreeular") 3 know the abcd's of melanoma detectiin. check for mole asymmetryy draw n mmaginary - llne doww the middle and booders("any mooe that starts to showwirregular borderss scallops or indentations") indentations""look to see if ii's diameter diameter("" mole that is greaaer than the diameter of a & pencil raserrthat's growing and expanddig ") pell how ferocious melanoma
10:39 pm
3 ("the disease is a monster and anytime i see people going intootanning booohs r going to thh beach and gettingga & sunburn i'm phyyically sick beeause they have no idea what they're doing to themselves or their amily") 33 dr. bechhee says one patieet - dies frrm maliinant elanoma eeery hour in the us. 3 if yoo want to learn the - best waas to prevent kin pancer head to fox baltimore dot com and click on newwlinks. 3 3 a man is dead after a traggc accident in texas during a texas rangers - oakland atheltics game. railing 20 feet --- while -3 trying to catch a foullball. it happened when rangers outfieller josh hamilton tossed up the ball to himm--- but when heeleaned over to catth it -- he fell head first 20 feet too he concrete level beeind thh fencee he waa pronounned dead 3 hours later. 3
10:40 pm
3 some kid in a banana uit just tackled my mascot! mascct! a banana attack in ohio!the ironii victim n the - attack --- and why the banann is still on ttee oose. the search is on foo "baltimore's" idol.why the next "american" idoo couul be 3 singinn -3 3 &p3
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10:42 pm
10:43 pm
3are you the next ammrican idol? fox 45 went oo thh hunttto finddthe best in baltimorr and giveethem ssot at a gguanteed audittonnin front of patrice harris was there for the good, the bad and he downright ugly. ugly. 3 you can't make this
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3 stuff up.... a strange 911 for a bbnana. 3 911 call: stroogsville police and firr. hi, my name is brandon and ummmm, some kkd in a baaana suii juut tacklld my mascco! -3& mascct! he mascot under
10:46 pm
attaak... was thhs ggrilla... who works attthe verizon & ireless center in strongsville ohio.... last bananaa... came running out of the bushes... tackling him too pthh ground.... the managee... brandon parram.....witnessed - the whole thing ... anddcalled 911. 33 parham says, "the id in mid-air lying like this, like a spartan in 300 r something. except, he was a banana." banana."the banana...took off running... and was never caught...the gorilla.. meanwhile... is doing fine... but says the whole thing as very uu -peeling. 3 &p3.the o's and red sox game gets tothis fght at p3 3 3 .
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3 the orioles continue to struggle... bruce cunninnham joons us now in sportt unlimited o telllus how bad it wws onight... bruce... bruce... & 3 .comiig up tonnght on sports unlimited... unlimited... 33 .just when you think ou've what led to this scufffe on - phe moond....if it wasn'' bad

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